hi I made a post about me moving and I got a couple messages telling me my blog is gone yes it is I’m permanently on leeteuks so I don’t have a kpop blog anymore~ feel free to follow me there if you’d like ^^ if not it’s okie I still love you guys 💕💕💕


Hey guys it’s getting hard to update from two separate blogs so I made a sideblog from my main leeteuks!!!

I’ll be on zelos- from now on so follow me there! n__n 

get to know me meme:

4/5 favorite female groups - f(x)

well okay then daehyun  ¬‿¬




Hi, I have a Youngjae photocard but I’m looking for Zelo. 

It would be better to trade from someone from the US/CANADA but I’m considering shipping anywhere.  

email me at maritzareyes1993@gmail.com or @ me on twitter @byzeio if you’re interested 

((If no ones trading and your selling please let me know too))


Got my second copy of First Sensibility and I got Youngjae ;___; I love him but ofc I want Zelo so if anyone wants to trade please send me a message! 

Since these things are so unnecessarily large this time around I’m only willing to trade with someone from the US sorry :(